Signiel Seoul introduced the package in partnership

Signiel Seoul introduced the package in partnership with Art Fair Freeze Seoul, which will be held for the first time in Korea in September.

Frieze, which started in 2003 in London, England, is considered one of the world’s top two art fairs along with Swiss Art Basel as the best platform that leads modern and contemporary art. It is being held in London, New York, and Los Angeles, but Seoul is the first Asian city to be held.

According to Signiel Seoul on the 22nd, Freeze Seoul, which will be introduced for the first time at COEX in Seoul, will consist of three sections. The main section in which major galleries participate, the Frieze Masters, in which 18 galleries cross thousands of years of art history, showcasing works from ancient masters to the late 20th century, is operated.

In particular, Focus Asia, which introduces 10 representative artists of the gallery, which has been opened based on Asia since 2010, is a program worth paying attention to.

It will also host a talk program with KIAF, Korea’s largest art fair co-hosted by Freeze Seoul. Held three times a day from Sept. 3-5, the program addresses the hottest issue in the international art world at the moment. The themes are “Art Market Trend in the Post-Pandemic Period,” “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Art,” and “The Role of NFT in Art.”

Signiel Seoul’s Freeze Seoul-linked package can be booked until the 1st of next month. The preview ticket package consists of one night in a room and two preview tickets (200,000 won per normal price) that can be re-entered by Freeze Seoul and Kiev during the period from September 3 to 6. Preview ticket holders have the advantage of being able to enter ahead of the normal viewing time (except September 5/September 6). It can be used by switching to a mobile ticket using the issuance URL sent by text on September

Following the Shepherd Fairy Private Docent package, 서울 호캉스 we prepared this product to promote the joy of Art Hocance again, a Signiel Seoul official said. “We will continue to make more efforts to create synergy with K-art, which is rapidly taking off as a hub of the Asian art market.”