The Different Types of Enamel

The Different Types of Enamel The process of enamel formation is regulated by a living cell called an ameloblast. It is responsible for producing specialized proteins that direct the various steps in the process. The cell membrane is lined with a ruffled border, a visual clue to its cellular activity. Most of the transported materials… Continue reading The Different Types of Enamel

The Giffen Good

The Giffen Good The concept of Giffen good is based on the theory that prices will rise when the demand for the Giffen good increases. It is an exception to the law of supply and demand, but it does demonstrate a clear correlation between price and demand. It makes sense, since the poor would consume… Continue reading The Giffen Good

Buying an Electric Car

Buying an Electric Car Buying an electric car is a smart investment. These cars run on battery power and utilize electric motors, and they’re very similar to radio-controlled cars. The cars draw their energy from rechargeable batteries, which are typically stored under the floor of the car. Unlike traditional engines, they don’t need to be… Continue reading Buying an Electric Car